Why WaterVal?

Consultation with a range of stakeholders involved in water treatment technology validation confirmed the tangible economic value to the Australian water industry in developing and implementing a more codified, consistent and scientifically robust process for technology validation.

A streamlined process will help stimulate innovation in technology and its uptake in the market. Government and regulatory stakeholders also confirmed that red tape reduction and streamlining regulation is a priority.

WaterVal has been designed to achieve these objectives.

National consultation revealed that over-engineering of water treatment schemes has not been uncommon. Regulators often face the practical challenge of retaining skilled staff and ensuring they are up to date with complex scientific advances and latest technological developments.

For stakeholders participating in the technology validation processes, including scheme and technology proponents, consultation revealed instances of confusion about roles and responsibility for attaining validation. These can lead to project delays, confusion about requirements, inconsistent application of regulations and insufficient capacity or capability in approving agencies – all contributing factors to unnecessary financial costs and ultimately higher charges to the water customers.

Proponents suggested that validation processes need to be clearer and more transparent, with much greater certainty regarding outcomes. In addition, improved arrangements will allow the market for water treatment technologies to grow and prosper in the future.

What is WaterVal

WaterVal provides a nationally consistent approach to the validation of water treatment technologies to enhance confidence in managing water treatment and supply.

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WaterVal benefits are delivered through an integrated management framework, including technology validation protocols, expert technical assessment, certification and data/information management functions.

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The 9 Elements

Based on national and international best practice, and backed by rigorous scientific research, each WaterVal protocol includes nine elements of validation, ensuring consistency and uniformity for users.

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Targeted research projects addressed critical knowledge gaps, collated existing practice and information to develop consistent and evidence based recommendations for the validation of priority water treatment technologies.

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