WaterVal Certification

Australia is recognised internationally for its water quality management guidelines that identify treatment technology validation as integral to effective water management. The Australian water sector was united in its call for a consistent and streamlined approach to implementing this technology validation step, in order to enhance innovation and efficiency by minimising duplication and inconsistency.

What are the Benefits?

WaterVal provides a nationally consistent process for recognition of treatment technology validation studies undertaken either overseas or as part of approval processes within Australia.  WaterVal certification is directly applicable to a broad range of water sources, and complement the objectives of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (2006) and (2008), and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011 – updated 2016).

WaterVal achieves consistency among Australian jurisdictions on specific validation requirements for both common and more novel individual treatment technologies used in recycling and drinking water management.  It removes the duplication of effort between regulators across jurisdictions, saves additional cost for private technology manufacturers and water utilities, and eliminates unnecessary delays in project approvals and commissioning of projects.

Benefits to technology manufacturers and treatment scheme designers

  • cost savings due to removal of state to state duplication
  • competitive advantages in the market place for nationally validated technologies
  • more certainty of investment in innovative technologies

Benefits to water utilities and their consultants

  • a consistent framework to assess treatment performance
  • efficient design and planning with increased certainty of outcomes
  • reduction in the risks associated with new cost-effective water treatment technologies

Benefits to state / territory health regulators

  • transparent and streamlined approval processes
  • pooling of scientific knowledge and skills needed to validate technologies
  • processes that facilitate innovation

What is the Process?

The figure below outlines the WaterVal certification process. In addition to the usual step of undertaking validation testing, ahead of the regulatory assessment and scheme approval, WaterVal certification includes:

  • Validation Test Report assessment – conducted by an independent expert; and
  • Waterval Certification – providing a nationally recognised assurance that the validation testing has been undertaken correctly and the technology achieves the specified outcomes in accordance with the operating parameters.

What is WaterVal?

WaterVal provides a nationally consistent approach to the validation of water treatment technologies to enhance confidence in managing water treatment and supply.

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WaterVal benefits are delivered through an integrated management framework, including technology validation protocols, expert technical assessment, certification and data/information management functions.

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The 9 Elements

Based on national and international best practice, and backed by rigorous scientific research, each WaterVal protocol includes nine elements of validation, ensuring consistency and uniformity for users.

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Why WaterVal?

Current treatment technology validation arrangements across Australia are often duplicative. Higher costs, inconsistencies and longer times to achieve validation can inhibit innovation and efficiency, while potentially increasing the risks to water management outcomes.

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