The Framework

Technology validation is part of the Australian water quality management guidelines. More than just a technical assessment process, WaterVal requires a framework to ensure there is a systematic approach to its implementation.

The core elements of the validation framework are:

  • Protocol development
  • Independent assessment
  • Technology certification
  • Database and information management

A fifth element, Framework Administration, provides integration and overall coordinated management to ensure all elements work together efficiently and effectively.

What is WaterVal

WaterVal provides a nationally consistent approach to the validation of water treatment technologies to enhance confidence in managing water treatment and supply.

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In response to a need for a consistent approach to validation, the water sector has collaborated to develop a governance structure and invest in targeted research projects that delivers a streamlined solution.

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The 9 Elements

Based on national and international best practice, and backed by rigorous scientific research, each WaterVal protocol includes nine elements of validation, ensuring consistency and uniformity for users.

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Why WaterVal

Current treatment technology validation arrangements across Australia are often duplicative. Higher costs, inconsistencies and longer times to achieve validation can inhibit innovation and efficiency, while potentially increasing the risks to water management outcomes.

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