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Andy Sibley June 1, 2017

WaterVal adds fifth water treatment validation protocol to suite

Following the release of the original four WaterVal water treatment validation protocols in February 2017, WaterSecure has recently added a fifth protocol to the suite. Joining the existing protocols for UV Disinfection, Chlorine Disinfection, Membrane Bio-reactor, Ozone Disinfection, the latest Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Validation Protocol is now finalised and has been published on the WaterVal website for use.

The validation protocols provide guidance for validating specific treatment technologies for the removal of pathogens, namely protozoa, bacteria and viruses. These protocols apply across jurisdictions with regulators in all states and territories endorsing the use of these protocols to provide guidance to proponents on validation testing.

The protocols are based on contemporaneous peer-reviewed scientific evidence and were developed collaboratively by researchers, regulators, utilities and the private sector under the oversight of the WaterVal Protocol Development Group.

To ensure the Validation Protocols are developed in accordance with best practice knowledge and know-how, WaterSecure created a Protocol Development Group to guide and assist the process of determining which technologies required protocols and to have robust dialogue between the various sectors affected by processes of technology assessment.

Four sectors of industry segments are represented on the PDG:

If you would like more information on the WaterVal protocols, Protocol Development Group or the validation framework, please email Kelsey Smalley here. All protocols can be accessed online at

Andy Sibley February 1, 2017

WaterVal Gains Traction in Delivering Certification Framework for Water Treatment Technologies

WaterVal’s continuing refinement of systems and protocols for validating water filtration technologies has lead the group to being several steps closer towards achieving their goal of both national and international endorsement.

As part of their business development activities, WaterVal recently soft launched a number of endorsed validation protocols onto their website to engage with prototyping test partners.  Initial analysis by WaterVal’s advisors identified key features for new protocol development as having robustness, reliability, version control and an independent development of protocols.

Protocol Endorsement in Australia

Having recently established a consortium of independent assessors, WaterVal has asked David Cuncliffe (Chairman of enHealth Water Quality Working Group) to consider WaterVal validation protocols for national endorsement.

Under the guidance of Mr Cuncliffe, WaterVal and enHealth working group will engage to finalise context and efficiency of protocols. The group will meet with the Victorian Department of Health later this month to discuss potential issues between existing guidelines and WaterVal’s protocols.  It is intended that the outcome of these discussions will ensure a seamless transition with existing policies and serve as a benchmark for other states and territories.

International Engagement and Business Development

Recent business development activities in the US resulted in WaterVal reaffirming their collaboration with US-based organisation, WE&RF (Water, Environment and Reuse Foundation) to develop a direct relationship with the California State Water Resources Control Board.

An initial protocol with supplementary research reports have been shared with the Californian regulator to assess the opportunity to adapt and transfer this methodology to California.  Feedback from the group shows a clear interest and further discussions are set to take place in the coming weeks.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has similarly expressed significant interest and has sought to access Waterval’s validation protocols to assess potential integration within the broader WHO Framework (Water Safety Plans and Validation).

To find out more, please email Kelsey Smalley here.